With 20 years of expertise, Team of Kreya Solutions sets the standard for the Certified IT Technical / Functional, Management and Soft-skills/Behavioral Training’s Plus global recruiting and staffing industry, At Kreya, we train & build the human infrastructure that’s essential for corporate success with cost-effective solutions that are customized for each client’s needs.

Kreya meets the demands of today’s fast-paced global business world and exceeds the expectations of clients and candidates alike. Kreya Solutions is an established provider of above solutions to enterprises across India and the globe.

Kreya team has been assisting its clientele to plan and seamlessly execute their employee training initiatives for the past 10+ years. The value is a combo of its strategic partnerships, experienced subject matter experts, highly adaptable delivery methodologies, all focused on client needs. Kreya team is also equipped with IT infrastructure management team to support and service their client’s needs.

Kreya have evolved in such a way that its association with top authorities from various Industries and institutions have become full time associates / mentors for below services:

  • Various IT Consulting Services (Technology Experts: Oracle, SAP, IOT, AI, ML etc.)
  • IOT & IIOT projects, Home and Office automations.
  • Maintenance Software Services & Solutions (for PWD etc.) – Road Roughness Index Application.
  • Geological Studies & Services for Private, Government & Academic Institutions.
  • NBA, NAAC &ABET Accreditation support and audits.

Our Values

We strive to empower talent and businesses so everyone can reach their maximum potential. Every company has its own corporate culture, yet 20 years of working closely with businesses in various industries and parts of the world has taught us that the most successful companies share four key values: Sincerity, hard work, integrity and ethics. Kreya team was built on these four pillars, and they are an inherent part of every interaction we have with both corporate clients and talents. Our commitment to these four pillars allows us to establish long-term relationships, ensure maximum return on investment, set global industry benchmarks and deliver unparalleled customer service.

Why Us?

We have the team of vast and varied industry experience consultants/trainers having in-depth knowledge to deliver training and guidance in their respective knowledge areas.

We provide the best Training on all mentioned knowledge areasin this document below: (Classroom / Online)

The Delivery Cycle:

  • Pre evaluation
  • Design-Delivery
  • Post evaluation
  • Individual Report Sheet


  • Expert knowledge
  • Evaluated and reviewed
  • Experienced
  • Industry Recognized